Interviews with Screenwriters and Filmmakers around the globe…

Jeremy Andrews and Casey McDougal, co-founders of WoAccelerator

Matthew J. Lawrence – Writer/Director of Coven of Evil

Nadira Azermai – CEO of ScriptBook

Uri Singer – CEO of TaleFlick

Choukri Ben Meriem – CEO of Mavericks of Cinema

Christopher Parker – CEO of Story Data

Matias Caruso – Part 1

Matias Caruso – Part 2

Paulina Lagudi – screenwriter/director/producer

Mark Renshaw – screenwriter

Joey Tuccio – founder of Roadmap Writers

Jerrol LeBaron – founder of Inktip

Danny Stack – producer and director

Breanne Matsson – screenwriter

Kent Tessman – screenwriter and creator of FadeIn 

Ashley Scott Meyers – screenwriter and founder of Selling Your Screenplay

Shawn Shaffer – NYC filmmaker

Ben Watts – Nashville winner 2016

Michael Kospiah – writer of The Suicide Theory

Steven Prowse – multi-award-winning writer

Jose Prendes – low budget filmmaker

Lisa DeVita – writer of Peelers