Where do people advertise for scripts?

This time around we’re examining places where people are on the hunt for scripts.

This means you’ll be actively chasing down leads – taking the initiative. That requires more work, of course. But isn’t your script worth it?

A few rules and pointers before we begin:

  1. Always read any Script Ad/Lead thoroughly and make sure your work fits the requirements. There’s NO point sending a short comedy script if the ad’s for a horror feature.
  2. Provide a succinct Bio of your experience and achievements. Keep it brief, to the point, and review its relevance for each ad/opportunity you apply for.
  3. Unless otherwise requested, send loglines first. Make sure they really sizzle – and never send more than two or three for the same opportunity.
  4. If it’s a paid site, you need to make sure it’s going to provide you sufficient value for your money. Many have testimony pages from previous users and/or trial periods.
  5. Producers/Directors who are looking for scripts post their Ads all over the place. So you may find duplications – seeing the same ad on Mandy, then SSU or ISA.

I’ve tried many of these resources, and keep an eye on them regularly, but there are always new ones popping up… so keep your eyes peeled.

Mandy – www.mandy.com
A site full of TV and Film production jobs. You can filter and tailor your searches as needed. It has RSS feeds too (more on that later.) Applying is done through the site itself, so you’ll need to register. But it’s free.

Stage 32 – www.stage32.com/find-jobs
I’ve mentioned this excellent resource before; a great community covering every aspect of filmmaking. They have job postings, too. All sorts of film and TV opportunities so use the filter liberally. Application is via the site itself. It’ll be easier if you’ve got your loglines and scripts already posted on the site. And – like Mandy – it’s free.

International Screenwriters’ Association – http://www.networkisa.org/writing-gigs.php
ISA, Like Stage 32, has a specific jobs section where opportunities are listed. But these are exclusively writing ones. They used to have some free leads on the site but now it looks like they’re only available if you are a paid ISA member.

Shooting People – https://shootingpeople.org/production/work
A site dedicated to connect independent film makers (in the UK) and facilitating the creation of new films. It’s subscription only and is approximately £8 a month. The Ads on here seem to be exclusive to SP (more on that later) and are applied for within the site. I’ve subscribed to these for the last several months. I just wish there were more ads specific to screenwriting.

Screenwriting Staffing (aka SSU) – http://www.screenwritingstaffing.com/
This one’s a little different. It has two distinct services when it comes to screenwriting leads, as well as a whole host of info and services on their website.

  • Unpaid Leads – sent as a weekly email and also available on the site at https://www.screenwritingstaffing.com/free-membership . Needless to say, these are ads looking for scripts/writers with no payment involved. This service is completely free.
  • Paid Leads – sent as an email approximately 5 times a week with 2-3 leads per email. With these, the Producer/Director has a budget to pay for the script. It’s all a part of their Premium Service, which costs around $15 a month or $99 for an annual membership – though they often have seasonal discounts.

Craigslist – http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites
The world’s largest free ads site. If you have something you want to buy, sell, rent, shill or give away, Craigslist’s the go-to place. A weird mess of everything – including ads for scripts and writers. CL isn’t the easiest place to navigate, so I’ve outlined the basics for you. Further down, I’ll explain how to make life a whole lot easier…

  • Click on the link above. Scroll down to the list of Cities (CL sites are classified geographically).
  • For the purpose of this example, scroll down to “California” and click on “Los Angeles”. (Places like New York and London are logical options, too.)
  • Below, you’ll find a page full of different categories of ads. Click on Writing/Editing in the Jobs section or Writing in the Gigs
  • That will give you a list of all the ads in that section. There are literally hundreds, only a few of which are screenwriting, so…
  • Use the search box – found on the top left of the page – to narrow the list down. I personally use ‘script’, ‘screenplay’ and ‘screenwriter’ as my search terms.

Voila, there you go!

* A quick word of warning: there have been concerns raised over Craigslist and sending scripts out to strangers posting there. I suggest you limit your responses to well written and professional looking ads. Send loglines only first, and make sure you’re comfortable with the original poster before going further and emailing your work.

Reddit, Produce My Script – http://www.reddit.com/r/producemyscript
This sub reddit allows you to post your scripts, but it also has Producers/Directors posting script requests too.

Inktip – http://www.inktip.com/sa_preferred_newsletter.php
Inktip’s another site that works both ways. Not only can you post your script, but they have a weekly newsletter with leads. The service costs $60 for 4 months (half if you have a Feature script posted on the site, too.) There’s also a Free Newsletter that includes a couple of leads per week – different from the ones on the paid mailing, so make sure you subscribe to the free version, even if you do get the paid version.

Production Base – http://www.productionbase.co.uk/film-tv-jobs
UK exclusive and it’s a paid subscription with multiple levels of cost, has some good opportunities listed as it’s a general Industry site. I’ve not used this one myself, so I’m not sure how effective it is.

BBC Writer’s Roomhttps://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/opportunities
Free and has both BBC submission opportunities and non-BBC opportunities to boot. Quite a few stageplay requests pop up here too.

Google https://careers.google.com/jobs/results/
Yes, you can use Google Jobs service to look for writing job. Set your location and search criteria and off you go. Switch on Alerts and it will even message you the opportunities.

UK Scriptwriting Opportunitieshttps://www.facebook.com/ScriptwritingUK/
A Facebook page run by the awesome Danny Stack (UK Writer & Director) that lists some interesting UK base opportunities.

Upwork https://www.upwork.com/freelance-jobs/
A freelance jobsite that also occasionally lists screenwriting jobs you can pitch for.

(Other freelancer/general recruitment sites will also occasionally have screenwriter posts too)

Hope all of this has been of help. If I’ve missed any resources, please reach out and let me know. I’ll include it in any future updates!

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