Where to advertise your scripts…

You got yourself an online presence. TICK.

You’ve used some of the handy sites we mentioned last time to garner feedback, and improve upon perfection. TICK.

So – here you stand (or more likely sit): armed with a finished, polished script. But now who’s going to make it? And how will they learn of its existence?

Well, our third article is here to help you out – providing you, the writer, with a host of sites and services especially geared to get your script out there. To be seen – and hopefully filmed. After all, that’s what we’re writing them for!

Isn’t it?

A few tips before we dive in.

  • On Forums and Message Boards, make sure you follow their rules and post in the right place. Nothing’s worse than a writer who barges in, and doesn’t bother to get the “lay of the land.”
  • Keep posts short and sweet – and watch them for responses.
  • Post your logline, and make it zing. After all, it’s the first and possibly the last thing a reader will react to.
  • Link to your website or IMDB page etc. That gives people a chance to check out your other work.

So onto the resources. And what better place to start, than …

Simply Scripts (SS) – http://www.simplyscripts.com/submit_your_script_new.html

Submit a logline and your script. When you do, it’ll appear in two places.

The Discussion Board – lots of screenwriters frequent SS. It’s here that they’ll take a look at your work, and offer you their thoughts. These are great free reads. Perfect to use for your next revision.

Unproduced Scripts – A round up of all scripts submitted in the previous week.

Note: Your script will also be findable via the sites’ search engine, various genre links and (potentially) through SS’s ‘Random Short Script of the Day’.

I have had more options and sales for my short scripts through SS than any other site/resource.

Script Revolutionhttps://www.scriptrevolution.com/

Script Revolution didn’t exist when I originally wrote this article, now it is a MUST use resource… created by a fellow writer (CJ Whalley) and it’s totally free to list shorts, features, TV pilots, everything!

It has less interaction between the writer’s than a site like Simply Scripts, but it doesn’t focus on that aspect really. It is extremely well designed, very visual and allows Producers to get into very specific details on their script searches as there’s so much info you can add for your script including budget, themes, story types etc.

Love the feature that allows you to upload a mock-up poster for each listing, a really nice and eye-catching feature.

New features are regularly added as SR goes from strength to strength.

Shooting The Shorts (STS) – https://www.scriptrevolution.com/shootin-the-shorts

STS is now a part of Script Revolution. select the STS option when you list your script and they may give your script a review. If they do, it will appear a few weeks later with a review from another writer on SR. Built as a showcase really, all reviews are positive – giving potential film makers a taste of what’s in store when they crack open that PDF. It’s so much better than a simple logline on the site!

Inktip – http://www.inktip.com/

Inktip is primarily for Indie, lowish budget Features and has been around for a long time. It has a pretty decent track record of connecting screenwriters with producers and getting things made. They also provide a host of other services including script tracking, a competition portal and a whole lot more. Some things are paid for, others free… and listing Short scripts on the site is one of the free elements!
Submit your shorts for free via http://www.inktip.com/sa_short_script_listing.php
Interview with CEO

Blacklist – https://blcklst.com/

A site definitely geared for the Feature screenwriter. My experience of it is non-existent, but some writers have had success. Blacklist takes the approach of evaluating and scoring scripts by at least two of their readers (the site’s reader evaluations are paid for by the individual writer. Any resulting industry reviews are free.) This allows prospective film makers to get an opinion of a script in advance – though some writers have taken issue with evaluations and scores.

The site has been around for a long time now, and has a number of other features and sections so it is definitely worth a look.

Reddit, Produce my script – http://www.reddit.com/r/producemyscript

There’s a forum for everything you could ever think of on Reddit, and that includes Screenwriting. The ‘Produce my Script’ forum has been set up to connect writers with filmmakers. The filmmaking side tends to be students and gifted amateurs. But give it a try. You never know where the next Tarantino will emerge from.

This is another one that is FREE!

WinningScripts – http://www.moviebytes.com/ws/

Sister site to MovieBytes (a great competition portal). WinningScripts offers writers a great opportunity to get their scripts listed and seen by industry professionals. One can list an unlimited number of scripts on the site for a modest annual fee (currently $29.95). Included in that is a logline, synopsis and script excerpt. Interested film makers can contact you to request full scripts. There’s also a Top 10 section based on scripts that have won or placed in competitions.

Stage 32 – http://www.stage32.com/

A great online community for all aspects of film making. Once you’ve joined, you can upload loglines. People can check them out and contact you if interested. I’m not sure this is the most active or well used feature on Stage 32 but it is another of the free ones, so you’ve nothing to lose really.

International Screenwriter’s Association (ISA) – http://www.networkisa.org/

Upload your script’s logline and other details for free, which are then visible via the site’s database. But the other areas of the site are via an annual subscription, such as Jobs section. Again… you lose nothing by listing.

Selling Your Screenplay, SYS Selecthttp://www.sellingyourscreenplay.com/

Created by screenwriter, Ashley Scott-Meyers, Selling Your Screenplay offers a range of different services and resources, many of them free. It also has a paid for service called SYS Select which includes script listing for Features, Short, TV etc. It’s a little like Inktip, in as much as it has indie Producers using the site to find scripts.
The monthly subscription is $30, which includes unlimited listings, a simple free website for your scripts, weekly screenplay leads and a monthly newsletter that goes to their stable of producers.
Interview with CEO

Coverfly https://www.coverfly.com/

Coverfly is a little different as it’s more about contest placements and tracking successes. To do so you create a profile, upload scripts and submit them to competitions, writing programs and the like. This creates a Coverfly score which Producers can look at, amongst other things, when using the site looking for projects and/or writers. If you intend to enter any competitions then you should definitely do it via Coverfly.

Script Motherhttps://www.scriptmother.com/

A peer review site where you earn points based on the reviews you provide to others… these points are then traded in for reviews of your own script (or you can buy the reviews!). Your script is then rated based on these reviews and available to see to interested Producers and filmmakers. The site is free to use and isn’t restricted to scripts, fiction can be uploaded too.

Now for a few new ones that seem to have sprung up in 2019-2020.

Script Bookhttps://scriptbook.io/

Script Book uses AI analysis to create a huge set of data on submitted scripts, that in theory Producers can then look at when looking for scripts. The basic service is free, but only provides limited data to you the writer… if you want more, i.e. to see everything that the producer sees, well it is a lot more!

Jury is out on this one as I’m not sure I’ve heard of any successful script listings getting picked up so far… certainly an interesting idea though.
Interview with CEO

Story Gohttps://storygo.io/

Another free script hosting/listing site with a decent interface and the ability to upload script, some additional docs, a poster image and the like. You accumulate points based on your activity on the site, which presumably influences where your scripts then show on the sites Top 100 lists and the like. However areas of the site such as Top 100 are only available to Producers.
Note: I’ve had some technical issues with the site on occasion and they do not seem to respond to emails.

Script Havenhttps://www.scripthaven.com/

So, Script Haven is US only at the moment and requires you to have registered your with the WGA as one of the terms of listing. They also have in their T&Cs that they will receive 15% of any sale or option that come about through listing on the site… listings themselves are free.


On this site you can list novels, graphic novels, short stories and screenplays… the idea being anything that you could sell to make a movie from.

However, the basic listing package is $99 per story uploaded with lots of add-ons and other services that you can pay for.
Interview with CEO

The Mavericks of Cinemahttps://themavericksofcinema.com/

French, though site is all in English, with a focus on trying to bring Producers, Writers and Actors all into one place. It’s free to list your script but charges Producers to use the services (which seems odd).
Interview with CEO

Story Datahttps://www.storydata.io/

Story Data is another free script hosting site that is trying to make its mark. It focuses on security of your script and ensuring unauthorised people don’t see it or share it. For this it uses Blockchain technology, a first (I think) in script hosting sites.
Interview with CEO

As you can see, there are a lot of places where you can list/host your scripts to get them seen. Remember, you are trying to get Producers to find you and your scripts, so look into the sites listed and definitely consider the free sites – be rude not to!

So, until the next article – get those scripts out there!

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