Paulina Lagudi

Paulina is the Writer/Director/Producer of the new movie Mail Order Monster (MOM), we delve into how she got started, how she gets films made and how MOM got made. Thanks to Paulina for a really insightful interview… Q: Could you give me a little bit of background on how you got into screenwriting and filmmaking? […]

16/01/2019 – OPPORTUNITIES

First set of 2019, good luck if you pursue any of them… Students require 8-10 minute shorts Source – Mandy DOP making the move to Director looking for shorts Source – Mandy Writer needed for a collaborative effort on short Source – Mandy Screenwriter needed to adapt a novel Source – […]


A new set of opportunities as an early Christmas prezzie! Screenwriter needed for ghostwriter position Source – Craigslist Writer needed to rework a dramedy pilot Source – Upwork Screenwriter needed for a short script assignment Source – Upwork Horror screenwriter needed Source – Upwork Screenwriter needed to turn a short into […]

17/11/2018 – Opportunities

Here’s a new collection of opportunities for your perusal… Screenwriter/ghostwriter needed for Horror film Source – Upwork Screenwriter needed for short film Source – Upwork Horror-comedy feature needed Source – Upwork Screenwriter needed for children’s animated project Source – Upwork Screenwriter needed to work on a treatment Source – Upwork […]

13/10/2018 – Opportunites

Here’s a new batch of opportunities. Writer needed with knowledge of Native American Shamans, brujos and curanderos Source – Stage 32 Horror feature wanted Source – Stage 32 Romantic feature sought Source – Reddit Short scripts wanted Source – Reddit Micro-budget shorts required Source – Reddit Horror shorts needed […]

09/09/2018 – Opportunities

Another round up of screenwriting opportunities from around the web… Script needed from existing outline Source – Upwork Production company seeking new writers Source – Craigslist Short film scripts sought Source – Craigslist Comedy writer needed Source – Craigslist Screenwriter needed for short script Source – Upwork Short script needed […]

27/08/2018 – Opportunities

Short story writer needed Source – Upwork Short genre script needed Source – Craigslist Comedy sketch writer sought Source – Craigslist Female driven short film needed Source – Craigslist Coming of Age drama/thriller required Source – reddit Sketch/comedy scripts <4pgs needed Source – reddit Coming of Age feature required […]